Hiring a creative firm can be a big step for a small business, but it's also the right step. When choosing a creative firm to build and market your product or service, there are many considerations to take into account. Cost is often an important criteria, but choosing the lowest cost service provider can sometimes be fraught with problems. RedSpark Creative understands the issues you face.

RedSpark Creative may not be the lowest cost provider, but we are certainly not the highest. Especially when you consider our expertise in terms of brand building. Here is a summary of the benefits you will enjoy if you choose to work with RedSpark Creative. And the pitfalls to avoid.

  1. A Thorough Understanding of Branding Principles

    Your brand is a very valuable asset and in the wrong hands can be eroded or destroyed. The vast majority of graphic designers are artists. Some are very good designers, but very few have a good understanding of branding so their creative product is not strategy driven and can often look great, but be off brand.

    RedSpark Creative combines quality branding education with vast branding experience to develop strategic, brand aligned communications that resonate with our clients' target audience and get results.

  2. Brand Building Ideas

    RedSpark Creative develops a good understanding of our clients industries, market places and unique challenges. We think like business people and offer "outside the box" brand building ideas. We see our clients' success as our success and strive for long term partnerships.

    This is something seldom found with a design firm or freelancer who is more interested in short-term personal gains and moving on to the next project and client.

  3. Seasoned Creative Talent Working on Your Projects

    RedSpark was founded by Ross Murray, who has broad experience and understanding of many industry categories both in NZ and overseas and started his design career in 1990. This has given Ross the ability to quickly understand new or complex industries and their respective marketing challenges, and craft successful targeted creative campaigns to help differentiate his clients from their competitors.

    It took Ross time to get to this level and you might find it difficult to match this level and diversity of experience with other creatives.

  4. You'll be Able to Meet Your Deadlines

    With 16 years in the industry, I've seen it all when it comes to crazy deadlines. Not to say that this is the way to get the best work done, but I'm more than capable of turning projects around as quick as the best of them and quicker than most. When RedSpark gets put under a deadline, we dedicate our time and effort to meeting that deadline.

    Choosing to work with less experienced designers and recent graduates, who struggle with the deadlines they are often faced with in the real world, can sometimes mean missing critical deadlines which can be disastrous.

  5. Trouble-Free Print-Ready Files

    RedSpark has a wealth of experience with designing for print. Whether its spot colour, process colour, die cuts, embossing or foil stamping, RedSpark knows how to prepare files that are problem free for a streamlined pre-press and press job, saving time and money.

    Fresh-out-of-school designers and lower-level, less experienced designers don't have this sort of experience, which only comes with time and seniority in a firm. They tend to make costly mistakes from time to time. Why be a part of their learning process?

  6. Solutions that Speak to Your Target Market, Not Pretty Pictures for our Portfolio

    RedSpark consistently creates brand aligned marketing materials that resonate with our clients' target market. This is key to getting the message noticed and building your brand image.

    Less experienced designers (I was one once too) tend to ignore this important criteria too often while focusing their efforts on designing "cool looking stuff" for their portfolios. Their egos can get in the way, especially when taking criticism.

  7. Relationships with Reputable Suppliers

    RedSpark Creative has built relationships with reputable professional suppliers who offer services like printing, photography, copy writing, PR and web development. We have found that it pays off in the long run to have good quality service providers to eliminate hold ups and problems, and provide a service that matches that of RedSpark's.

    Some design firms shop around only for the lowest cost vendors, or try to handle those services themselves in-house. In fact this can become their weakest link and lead to missed deadlines and poor quality final output or higher overheads and higher prices.

  8. Lean Mean Principle

    All you pay for when you hire RedSpark Creative to handle your brand, is great talent and expertise, not a fancy office, lavish lunches and layers of under-utilised staff. RedSpark Creative has cut the fat from the standard, overly cumbersome agency business model. We hire talent on an as needed basis, reducing the overhead that carrying a huge staff creates.

  9. RedSpark Creative Won't Present 'Junk' Designs

    Many design firms (I've worked for some of them) present only one design, or one strong design solution and a couple of not so good solutions. The objective is to make the strong design the obvious choice. The drawback is if you like one of the alternatives that can be hard to live with. RedSpark doesn't present anything that isn't a strong solution and we know our clients like choices. We want to be proud of whatever choice the client makes, and know it work for them.

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