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January 17, 2018
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August 7, 2019

Are You Making the Most of the Space on Your Business Card?

Are you making the most of both sides? Printing both sides is usually just a fraction more expensive than single-sided printing.

But what should you put on each side?

The front of your business card

This is for your contact details, such as your

  • Name
  • Company name and logo
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Physical address
  • Website address
  • Phone numbers

Put ALL this information on the front instead of spreading it on to both sides of the card, as that can frustrate your clients.

Most people store business cards in some kind of filing system with one side of the card displayed. Having to pull a card out to find contact details could deter prospects from contacting you. Don’t risk that happening!

So what goes on the back?

The reverse side is a blank canvas giving you lots of options. Here are just a few ideas for the back of your card.

  • Guarantee: Guarantees are great for minimising risk… so explain your guarantee in a clear and compelling way to encourage prospects to contact you.
  • Free Reports: Do you offer a free report to subscribers? Tell people about the benefits of your report – and how they can obtain it.
  • Referral Offer: Turn your business card into a referral card, by encouraging people to pass it on. The only limit here is your imagination.
  • Summary of Services/Products: Your prospects and client may not be aware of the different services or products you offer. Let them know!
  • Tagline or URL: Make it easy to see what you do or where to find you online.
  • Work Sample: Creative people often use their business card as a mini portfolio to show off their work. For instance, an interior designer may feature a different photo of a beautifully designed room on the back of each business card.
  • Inspiring Quote: If you have a particular quote that’s dear to you, tell the world!

A good business card is one that doesn’t just convey your contact information, but reminds people of you and your business, long after that first meeting.