Graphic Design

Is your brand already strong, but you’re in need of some brand aligned marketing materials. Maybe a new brochure to showcase a new product or service or a trade show display for an upcoming expo?

At RedSpark we’re very good at taking an existing brand and building upon it, to produce stunning promotional materials that comply with existing guidelines.

Whether you just need some new business cards, or a newsletter, poster or print ad campaign. Or if it’s a full new corporate identity, we’re the experts.

We build long term partnerships to help our clients achieve their goals, grow their brands and maintain relevance and consistency in the ever hanging landscape.

How do we get it right? We LISTEN to your needs and gain a thorough understanding of your business and your marketing challenges. Then we get strategic and creative - ensuring you’re standing proud alongside your new marketing materials.

Graphic Design Services

We provide a wide range of graphic design services including the following:

Got an upcoming project you’d like to discuss? We’d love to hear from you.