Packaging Design

Packaging design plays a key role in the way customers perceive your brand and therefore your company. It’s often the very first touchpoint of your brand that the end user comes into contact with, so it needs to work hard to grab attention and sell the product.

Investing in great packaging design can increase sales. Smart brands have discovered that exceptional packaging design can create brand value and enhance the customer experience.

Studies have shown that the reward region of people’s brains are stimulated by enticing packaging, demonstrating it has the potential to trigger impulsive buying. By comparison, unattractive, badly designed packaging activated brain regions associated with negative emotions. These negative feelings tend to put people off buying a product.

Packaging becomes the bridge between your brand and your customers. Having a great product is important for sure, but without great packaging, it won’t sell well. Don’t let bad packaging affect your sales.

RedSpark has many years experience designing packaging for food, health supplements, sporting equipment, household items and beverages. We have what it takes to make your brand achieve it’s best.

We love designing packaging that showcases your products and draws attention.

These days consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and are starting to avoid buying products that are not "responsibly packaged" with recyclable materials and low waste approaches. Have you looked at how your product packaging stands up to the environmentally friendly consumer test? Maybe it’s time to consider a redesign to demonstrate your compassion for the environment and to reduce your impact on our earth.

Staying relevant is more important than ever and refreshing your packaging every couple of years allows you to demonstrate that your are up to date and???

Whether you’re launching a new brand, refreshing an existing one or adding a new flavour to an existing line, RedSpark can help you achieve the success you are looking for.


Packaging Design Services

We can help you with your packaging needs for a wide range of products including but not limited to the following types of products:


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