Signage Design

Signs do a lot more than just inform. They project your brand and make your business visible, while increasing your brand recognition. Therefore your signs must be clear and easy to read, aesthetically pleasing and professional. 

Well Designed Signs are the Bridge to your Customers

Signage can influence your customer’s perception of your brand and whether or not they will purchase from your company. It’s often the very first touchpoint of your brand that they come into contact with, so it needs to work hard to grab attention and give you a competitive advantage. A professional looking sign will make a positive impression, while a badly designed sign may mean prospective buyers walk in to your premises with a negative mindset... if they walk in at all.

Signs are Your Round-the-Clock Salespeople

The great news is that your investment in well designed signage will last a long time and constantly advertise your business 24/7, making it a cost effective marketing tool. If you add vehicle signage to the mix, you are placing your brand in front of thousands of potential customers per day all over town or even nationwide.

Studies have shown that great signage can generate unplanned impulse purchasing stops. 20 to 45 percent of business sales come from impulse sales. Whether it’s a promotional offer, an upsell, or simply to draw attention to your front door, signs can play a huge role in your marketing.

Make your Environment Part of the Brand Experience

RedSpark is well versed in designing great, professional looking, brand aligned signage for our clients, to expand their brand into their environment. We can help you maximise your brand’s reach and achieve its full potential. When the designs are approved, we work with carefully selected sign production and installation companies to get the final product delivered for you.

Don’t get overlooked by a prospect. Be seen and be successful.

Whether you’re moving premises, changing your branding or buying a new company vehicle, RedSpark can help you get the best exposure for your business.


Signage Services

We provide a wide range of graphic design services including the following:


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