What do the colours of your logo say about your business?
January 17, 2018

Could your business card be damaging your reputation?

Business cards may be small, but they’re THE most important piece of marketing collateral in your business. Are your business cards making or breaking your sales?

Tiny in size doesn’t mean tiny in stature! Even small things can be important… like cats, dogs, babies… you get the idea. Yet many business owners think that business cards are too small to spend much time bothering about. But when you’ve met a new business associate or potential client for the first time, what do you give them?

Your business card, of course.

It’s all about first impressions
At this first meeting, your contact will be using all available factors to suss you out:

  • Were you dressed neatly and tidily? (Or did you have a big stain on your top?)
  • Was your hair neat? (Or is it too scruffy to be appropriate for your industry?)
  • Are your shoes clean? (Or are they all scuffed up or muddy?
  • Did you have nice accessories? (Or was your pen chewed at the end?)
  • Were you knowledgeable and trustworthy?
  • Did you seem honest and reliable?
  • Is your product and service the solution they’re looking for?

… And does your business card sum you up?

Is it attractively designed? Does your business have a good logo? And is the printing and card good quality?

Don’t let doubt creep into your prospect’s mind.
Imagine if the meeting went well, you said all the right things, and gave a great first impression. But your card looks cheap, and the printing isn’t great quality. And your logo is something you made yourself using clipart you found online.

That could put just a tiiiiiiiny bit of doubt into your prospect’s mind as to whether your business is really everything it seems. And that tiny bit of doubt could put them off calling you. It could even mean they check out another possible supplier.

In an extreme case, it could mean you lose the sale.

Don’t let this happen to you!
A business card might be very small in size, but it has a very big job to do. And it’s the piece of marketing collateral you’ll hand out more than anything else. It’s therefore worth spending both time and money on getting the best business card you possibly can. And the nice thing about business cards is that once they’re done, you probably won’t have to tend to them again for a while. (Unlike those other small things we mentioned earlier…)