What do the colours of your logo say about your business?

Colour plays a very important role in memory recall, and conveys a message very quickly to the brain.

Yet different colours have different meanings – so choosing an appropriate dominant colour for your brand is crucial.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of different colours, to ensure that what you choose is relevant to your business and the image you’d like to portray:

Blue: trustworthy, dependable and professional. Brilliant blues can convey a more dynamic personality; while navy blues have an old-school respectability around them. Blue is probably the most popular colour choice for many types of businesses.

Green: this is a colour we equate with the natural world, and therefore conveys peace, freshness and eco-awareness. Light greens are calming and tranquil, while darker greens are associated with wealth and prestige.

Red: a stimulating colour that increases the heart rate. Therefore red is associated with being energetic, confident, aggressive, provocative, creative and attention-grabbing. Bear in mind that red can also represent danger or indebtedness.

Yellow: universally associated with the colour of the sun, yellow communicates optimism, happiness, light, warmth and creativity. Golden yellows convey a positive future. Bright yellows attract the eye as they are seen before any other colour.

Black: classic, authoritative, powerful, mysterious, dramatic, bold, classic and sophisticated. However, too much black can be overwhelming and represent emptiness. Wearing black can make one feel inconspicuous.

White: with its pure, minimal, simple, and clean look, white is often used for health-related products and children’s products.

Grey: symbolises intellect, knowledge and wisdom. Grey is classic, sleek, dignified, conservative and carries authority.

Pink: the meaning of pink depends on the intensity. Pale pinks are romantic and sentimental, whereas hot pinks convey excitement, high energy, passion, fun and youthfulness.

Purple: this colour has a sense of spiritual, mystical and royal qualities and is often favoured by creative types or eccentrics. Purple evokes mystery and sophistication; whereas lavender tones convey nostalgia and sentimentality.

Orange: this evokes a “love it or hate it” response like no other colour. It’s fun, energetic, warm and flamboyant. Tones such as terracotta, peach and rust have a broader appeal than pure orange.

Brown: stability, reliability and simplicity. It’s a wholesome colour that’s natural and organic and provides a connection with the earth. Beware that brown can also be construed as being dirty.