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RedSpark has won another award

A New King has Been Crowned

RedSpark’s logo design for King Country Trust was crowned for Innovative Design and Representational Excellence, earning a place in the upcoming LogoLounge Book 14 release. In […]
Brand superhero

Good Design = Good Business:

The Benefits You Can’t Afford to Ignore Investing in quality design is similar to purchasing a superhero costume for your company since it can offer you […]
Eight reasons to rebrand

Eight reasons you may need to rebrand

A great brand sets you apart from your competition and makes a memorable impression. This brand recognition increases the value of your company, provides clarity, sets […]
RedSpark completes 5000 projects

Charge your Glasses

Raise your glass and join us as we toast a major milestone… RedSpark Creative has just completed its 5000th design project! Woop woop! A massive shout […]
RedSpark among top creative agencies in Auckland

RedSpark Makes the Cut

Breaking News: RedSpark Creative has just been included in Top Reviews NZ top 13 Graphic Design Agencies in Auckland. It’s an honour to be recognised as […]
Merivale Retirement Village resident couple

Want to retire in style?

Merivale Retirement Village in Christchurch is a warm and welcoming retirement community with a reputation for providing exceptional senior living in lush surrounds. The Village recently […]
Sprocket Digital office signage

Not just another cog in the machine

LogoLounge is one of the most respected and best-selling logo design book series in the world. RedSpark is thrilled to announce that our logo submission has been […]
Business transformation

Have you transformed your business since lockdown?

Do your customers know you’re back (and even transformed)? Most of us have now emerged from lockdown and gone back to steady business. However, we know, […]

A new look for a new way of doing things at Waiheke Resources Trust

Waiheke Resources Trust (WRT) is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates and protects the natural resources of Waiheke Island. WRT has a passionate following of supporters and […]
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Could your business card be damaging your reputation?

Business cards may be small, but they’re THE most important piece of marketing collateral in your business. Are your business cards making or breaking your sales?

What do the colours of your logo say about your business?

Colour plays a very important role in memory recall, and conveys a message very quickly to the brain. Yet different colours have different meanings – so […]

8 simple steps to get your facebook page working harder

Many companies have started a Facebook Page… yet many business owners aren’t sure what they should be doing on their page. Here are eight simple steps […]

What’s a “normal” open rate for email newsletters?

Sending email newsletters can be a weird experience. Sure, you have a feeling that you’re doing the right thing by keeping in touch with your clients… […]

What can a three-year old show you about marketing?

In order to make those sales, you need to capture people’s attention. And that’s exactly what photographs do: they capture people’s attention. Are you making the […]

How to make a strategic alliance last the distance

Making a strategic alliance work is a bit like maintaining a long term relationship… it needs ongoing communication for the union to continue to thrive. Here’s […]

Why strategic alliances are your marketing goldmine

Would you like a regular flow of new business, without having to do too much selling or prospecting? It’s possible if you approach alliance opportunities strategically. […]

Here are 3 things you should be doing to convert future prospects into customers

67% of people aren’t ready to buy just yet, but might in the future… what are you doing to make sure they remember you? Research has […]

Are You Making the Most of the Space on Your Business Card?

Are you making the most of both sides? Printing both sides is usually just a fraction more expensive than single-sided printing. But what should you put […]
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