We've executed some amazing turnarounds and want you to see the transformations. The work shown here ranges from a simple logo and business card through to a full brand identity and more. For each of these projects there's a before and after and a description of the project.

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Case Study 1
Southern Cross Financial

Southern Cross Financial is a finance company established in 1995. Although they weathered the major financial storm that has taken place in this industry in recent years, they felt it was time to freshen up their brand with a new logo and marketing materials. They are not only in the business of lending money to home buyers. They also need to attract investors who are interested in a relatively secure bricks and mortar backed investment. This effectively gives them 2 target audiences that the brand must appeal to. In addition to these challenges, the finance industry and finance companies in particular have had their reputations severely tarnished in recent times. It was time to reinvent Southern Cross Finance.

Initially we suggested they slightly revise their name to better reflect their positioning and after engaging the services of a marketing consultant, it was determined that the new brand must speak to the mum and dad investors in a colloquial tone that will resonate and represent transparency and down to earth honesty. We needed a real New Zealand brand that would help bring back the trust in the finance industry.

The new logo incorporates the star formation of the Southern Cross and is arranged to represent the map of New Zealand. The bold colour palette is eye catching and also patriotic. The imagery is of real people and real New Zealand scenery. This visual imagery has a real kiwi flavour with a friendly and modern look. In addition to the logo design, RedSpark also developed a full brand platform including stationery, pull up banners, presentation folder, products sheets, apparel and print advertising.

Case Study 2

We were approached by the manufacturer of this hair styling iron, who wanted to bring the product to life. They didn’t have a name for the product and needed to build a brand to help them to take it to market. The freestyler was positioned as a premium quality yet affordable product. We provided the product’s brand, naming, logo and colour selections, packaging, instruction manual, a flyer and poster, POS items as well as an e-commerce website. The high-end ‘feel and look’ of the range was enhanced by quality metallic finishes, foil stamping and textured packaging.


Case Study 3
Farmers Kitchen
The Farmers Kitchen is a gourmet food retail store. They were sending out regular flyers in mail boxes, but weren't really getting a great response. The flyers lacked professionalism and didn't reflect the values of a gourmet food retailer targetting discerning foodies.

RedSpark met with them and discussed how we might be able to help to improve responses and improve sales. We designed this new promotional mailer to showcase the store and also to promote their custom gift basket service. These flyers were used in a PO Box mail drop and increased the level of sales. They were printed full colour and featured enticing photography of the store and some of the products.

Sales have increased and they have since been able to relocate the store to a much better location which has further enhanced the brand.